Digital for experimental music

About Diogenes

Diogenes is a London-based small and dedicated digital "hub" for experimental and underground music labels. Its aim is to guide the entrance into the online marketplace and enable the legal access to specific genres and labels across the world.

It secures relationships with specific Digital Music Stores (DMSs) and provides technical assistance, support, marketing, press and general consultancy for digital catalogue production and ad hoc projects.
  1. Ethics and Modus Operandi
    • DIY, privately run by people strongly focused on experimental / avant-garde music following on its ethos in live events organisation
    • Committed to an ethical and fair production/remuneration of artists/ labels
    • Primary financial objective is based on a realistic equilibrium
    • Transparency on contractual terms and pricing flexibility
  2. Cost, Production Capabilities and Services
    • Charges are based on a “representation fee” recoupable from royalties
    • Affordable and low effort service: costs is limited to sending audio, filling in metadata, and press material.
    • General assistance and recommendation on catalogue management
    • Using the best independent media platform in the industry
  3. Add-on Features
    • Special projects with guest curators from labels and special design/ PDF
    • Custom made digital downloads
    • Pre-release of new album via a digital-only single
  4. Attention, size and retailing
    • Consult and discussion to suggest different options in the landscape
    • Promotion of release / label via press release/pack
    • Focused digital distribution deals
    • Backend access for labels to access existing catalogue

What is in the name?

Diogenes of Sinope was an ancient Greek philosopher "father" of the Cynics. More importantly, he was an honest "underground" character wondering on the outsides of the mainstream of society. He used to walk in Athens with a lantern (even in full daylight) looking for an honest man. A provoker with anti-social behaviour, he seemed to prefer dogs to humans praising their ability to distinguish instinctively the friend from the foe.

We like to see ourselves as a lantern guiding outsiders music labels into the complex online music marketplace being a necessary complementary ring to the music production chain.


Consolidated Independent (CI): Delivery mechanism and API All our delivery mechanism is outsourced to the leading digital service provider within the independent music sector. CI is the European market-leader in Internet services for Independent Record Companies and Distributors, delivering globally over 100.000 tracks to more than 100 Digital Music Services. Its clients include Pias Distribution, Beggars Group, Ministry of Sound to mention a few. This gives us the benefits of a reliable and accurate content supply chain with guaranties of quick and efficient deliveries (3-4 working days turnaround) and first class dedicated support service. We have recently started using their API which is currently in alpha to support applications such as the one built for The Wire magazine.
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Liebres Soluciones: web-development & applications

For specific web development projects, diogenes partners with Liebres soluciones, a newly formed software and web development agency based in Colombia but working within the UK. Works have included the building of shop and the database / application behind The Wire magazine's Below The Radar project, launched in August 2009
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